Intuit Israel is inviting you to the annual

Women in Data Science
Conference - WiDS TLV

March 13th, 2023


Sheva Convention Center – Tel Aviv

Intuit Israel is inviting you to the annual

Women in Data Science Conference -


March 13th ​, 2023 | #WiDSTLV

CFP closes by Jan. 1, 2020

About the Conference

For the 6th year in a row, Intuit Israel, in cooperation with PyData Tel Aviv, is proud to bring the international Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference to Tel Aviv.

The global Women in Data Science Conference aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide and support women in the field. This annual one-day technical conference provides an opportunity to hear about the latest data science related research and applications in a broad set of domains. All genders are invited to participate in the conference, which features exclusively female speakers.

All proceeds from WiDS TLV 2023 will be donated to the Michal Sela Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and combating domestic violence through innovation and technology.

The conference is driven by Intuit Israel.

Attendance at this event is open to data scientists of all genders working in the industry or academia, and to advanced degree students in relevant fields.

Registration applications will be screened and approved by the organizers to ensure the highest quality of networking.

All talks will be in English.

Keynote Speakers

Daphna Weissglas

Daphna Weissglas

Biomedical Informatics Team Leader at MyHeritage
Ofra Amir

Ofra Amir

Assistant professor at the faculty of industrial engineering and management, Technion
Gal Yona

Gal Yona

Computer Science PhD candidate at the Weizmann Institute of Science
Yael Karov Zangvil

Yael Karov

Director of Engineering at Google

Planned Agenda

8:45 Reception
9:30 Opening words by WiDS TLV ambassadors Or Basson and Noah Eyal Altman
9:40 Dr. Kira Radinski - Learning to predict the future of healthcare
10:10 Prof. Yonina Eldar - Model-Based Deep Learning: Applications to Imaging and Communications
10:40 Break
10:50 Lightning talks
12:20 Lunch & Poster session
13:20 Roundtable session & Poster session
14:05 Roundtable closure
14:20 Break
14:30 Dr. Anna Levant - 3D Metrology: Seeing the Unseen
15:00 Aviv Ben-Arie - Counterfactual Explanations: The Future of Explainable AI?
15:30 Closing remarks
15:40 End
12:30 Lunch & Poster session
Adi Watzman - Nobody is Perfect – How Do We Debug ML Models?
14:30 Roundtable closure
14:45 Gal Yona - How Fair Can We Be
15:15 Daphna Weissglas - Turning Data Science Into Precision Medicine Empowering Millions
15:45 Closing remarks

WiDS TLV Ambassadors

Or Basson

Or is a Senior Data Scientist at Intuit, a global leader in the industry of financial management software, where she works on fraud prevention models.

Before joining Intuit, Or worked in the Intelligence forces of the IDF as a high-ranked officer for 7 years. She worked as a data scientist on anomaly detection models and as a full-stack senior software engineer.

Or is a “Mamram” engineering course graduate, holds an MBA (graduated with honors) and a B.Sc. in computer science from The College of Management.

Or Basson

Noah Eyal Altman

Noah is a Staff Data Scientist at Intuit, a global leader in the industry of financial management software.

Additionally, Noah taught data science and machine learning at Ben Gurion University of the Negev and gave talks at various machine learning and data science conferences.

Noah holds an M.Sc. in biotechnology engineering, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in medical science at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Noah Eyal Altman

Nitzan Gado

Nitzan is a Senior Data Scientist at Intuit, where she works on Natural Language Processing algorithms and products.

In her spare time, Nitzan is a mentor in the Finding Your Next Job program, and she’s an active member in the manager’s forum, part of the Baot community. In addition, she lectures about solving real-world problems with tools from linguistics and computer science.

Nitzan holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Linguistucs from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Nitzan Gado

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