Yaara Arkin

K Health
Data Science in the Era of LLMs: Do We Still Need Data Scientists?
Yaara Arkin


Yaara is a senior data scientist at K-health, utilizing large language models to build the company’s next-generation AI. Before that, she optimized public transportation in HERE mobility and analyzed biological data at the Weizmann Institute. Being a strong advocate of women in STEM, Yaara has volunteered in several projects in this area, such as Code Goddess, and BAOT’s mentoring program. Yaara holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science and Bioinformatics from Tel Aviv University.


Can you keep up with the pace of AI recently? Since the launch of ChatGPT, we have witnessed a thunderstorm of new Large Language Models. It seems like these models can do virtually everything – they can answer any question, write code, and even analyze data on their own! Are we nearing the day when data scientists become obsolete?

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, the tools are different; yes, the timetables for a jaw-dropping PoC have changed. However, the major challenges remain the same, and the data science skill set is still required.

Through a review of a recent named-entity recognition (NER) project in the medical domain at K-health, we will witness how the basic structure of a data science project remains as it was. We will mention some of the new tools that have already changed our workday as data scientists, as well as some of the skills that are expected to remain relevant in the foreseeable future.

*This abstract was written without the help of ChatGPT.


8:45 Reception
9:30 Opening remarks by WiDS TLV ambassadors Noah Eyal Altman, Or Basson, and Nitzan Gado
9:45 Dr. Aya Soffer, IBM: "Putting Generative AI to Work: What Have We Learned So Far?"
10:15 Prof. Reut Tsarfaty, Bar-llan University: "Will Hebrew Speakers Be Able to Use Generative AI in Their Native Tongue?"
10:45 Break
11:00 Lightning talks
12:20 Lunch & poster session
13:20 Roundtable session & poster session
14:05 Roundtable closing
14:20 Break
14:30 Dr. Orna Amir & Hila Kantor, Google: "A User-Centric Framework for Quantifying Notification Harm"
14:50 Naomi Ken Korem, Lightricks: "Mastering the Art of Generative Models: Training and Controlling Text-to-Video Models"
15:10 Dr. Yael Mathov, Intuit: "Surviving the AI-pocalypse: Your Guide to LLM Security"
15:30 Closing remarks
15:40 The end

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