Dr. Yael Mathov

Surviving the AI-pocalypse: Your Guide to LLM Security

Naomi ken korem

Mastering the Art of Generative Models: Training and Controlling Text-to-Video Models

Lightning talks

Yaara Arkin

Yaara Arkin

Data Science in the Era of LLMs: Do We Still Need Data Scientists?

Shirli Di-Castro Shashua

AI, SQL, and GraphQL Walk into a Fertility Clinic… LLM-based Medical Feature Development

Linoy Tsaban

AI for Art & Creativity: Text-Guided Image Editing with Diffusion Models
Linoy Cohen

Linoy Cohen

Tailor-Made LLM Evaluation: How to Create Custom Evaluations for Your LLM
Inbar huberman

Inbar Huberman-Spiegelglas

Edit Your Own Image: A Breakthrough Innovation in Image Editing
Dr Dana Krepel Zussman

Dr. Dana Krepel Zussman

From Farm to Tablet: Developing an ML-Based Health Monitoring Solution for Animals
Adi Haviv

Adi Haviv

Not Every Image is Worth a Thousand Words: Quantifying Originality in Stable Diffusion


8:45 Reception
9:30 Opening remarks by WiDS TLV ambassadors Noah Eyal Altman, Or Basson, and Nitzan Gado
9:45 Dr. Aya Soffer, IBM: "Putting Generative AI to Work: What Have We Learned So Far?"
10:15 Prof. Reut Tsarfaty, Bar-llan University: "Will Hebrew Speakers Be Able to Use Generative AI in Their Native Tongue?"
10:45 Poster Pitches
10:55 Break
11:10 Lightning talks
12:30 Lunch & poster session
13:30 Roundtable session & poster session
14:15 Roundtable closing
14:30 Break
14:40 Naomi Ken Korem, Lightricks: "Mastering the Art of Generative Models: Training and Controlling Text-to-Video Models"
15:00 Dr. Yael Mathov, Intuit: "Surviving the AI-pocalypse: Your Guide to LLM Security"
15:20 Closing remarks
15:30 The end